NekoRay Tutorial

Download and Install

First, visit the homepage to download and install the version suitable for your system.

Choosing the Core

NekoRay supports two cores:

  • Xray: Widely used with good compatibility.
  • sing-box (Recommended): Supports more new protocols and can perform better in some cases.
NekoRay Select Core

Interface Introduction

  • Preferences: Includes group settings, routing settings, tun settings, etc.
  • Servers: Node operation settings.
  • Promotion: Author’s advertisements.
  • Documentation: Relevant usage documentation of the software.
  • Updates: For updating the software itself.
NekoRay Interface Introduction

Adding Subscriptions

Click on Preferences – Groups.

NekoRay Select Group

Create a new group at the bottom left, choose subscription type, and fill in the subscription details.

NekoRay Add Subscription

Once added, the subscription list will be displayed. Click on update subscription to synchronize node information.

NekoRay Subscription List

After synchronization, all nodes will be displayed below.

NekoRay Node List

Selecting and Using Nodes

Right-click on a node – Current group, and select URL Test to test.

NekoRay Node Testing

Choose a suitable node, right-click – Start to connect, and remember to check “System Proxy” above.

NekoRay Select Node

Setting Auto-Start with System

Click on the program in the top left corner and select to start with the system.

NekoRay Set Startup with System

Setting Routing

By default, it’s set to global proxy. It’s recommended to set domestic websites to bypass proxy. Select Preferences – Routing Settings at the top. Then select Simple Routing, click Preset at the bottom left, choose “Bypass LAN and Mainland”, and finally confirm.

NekoRay Set Routing

Switching Cores

If you prefer Xray, you can also switch in the core settings.

NekoRay Switch Core