NekoBox & NekoRay Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the Google Play Version of NekoBox for Android Paid?

The Google Play version is a donation-based purchase. A free version can be downloaded as an APK from the official download page on our homepage.

How to Choose the Right NekoRay Download Version

  • debian-x64.deb: Debian/Ubuntu amd64 deb package.
  • linux-x64.AppImage: Linux amd64 AppImage portable package.
  • Linux amd64 portable package.
  • Windows 10+ amd64 portable package.
  • Windows 7+ amd64 portable package.

Plugin Downloads

Some protocols (naive, juicity, Hysteria) require additional plugins. Click to visit.

NekoRay Not Running on Windows, Showing DLL Missing

Microsoft C++ Runtime Library is required for operation.

NekoRay Support for macOS

Older versions were available for macOS but were later discontinued. There are no current plans for revival.

NekoBox iOS Support

Currently, there are no developmental versions for iOS.

Is NekoBox Safe?

The software is open-source, and all the source code can be reviewed in our GitHub repository, ensuring absolute safety.

Is NekoBox Free?

Yes, it’s completely free. However, NekoBox is just a proxy client; the proxy service still needs to be purchased through other platforms.