NekoBox & NekoRay: Comprehensive Proxy Tools

Welcome to the official NekoBox website! NekoBox is a versatile proxy tool developed based on sing-box, offering comprehensive internet proxy solutions.

NekoBox is currently available in two versions:

  • NekoBox for Android: A circumvention application designed for Android platforms.
  • NekoRay (NekoBox for Windows): A desktop client supporting Windows and Linux platforms.

Both versions support a wide range of circumvention protocols: Shadowsocks, VMess, VLESS, WireGuard, Trojan, Trojan-Go, NaïveProxy, Hysteria, and TUIC. They also provide common subscription models: Shadowsocks, V2RayN, Clash, and Clash Meta.

Getting Started with NekoBox / NekoRay

Download and Installation: Download links for Windows, Linux, and Android systems are provided below. Unfortunately, the macOS version is no longer updated due to lack of maintenance. Please note, an iOS version has not been developed yet.

Setting Up Proxy Services: Follow our straightforward tutorials for a quick setup of proxy services, enabling you to access the internet securely and without restrictions.

Frequently Asked Questions: If you encounter any issues while using our services, feel free to consult our FAQ page or user guides for assistance.

NekoBox for Android

NekoBox for Android is an app specifically designed for Android users. It offers flexible and powerful proxy capabilities to help users easily manage network connections on mobile devices. The app supports multiple proxy protocols, including Shadowsocks, VMess, VLESS, and Trojan.

Download NekoBox for Android

Official GitHub Link: Click to Visit

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Official Download Page: Click to Visit

Google Play Download Link: Click to Visit

NekoRay (Windows / Linux) Introduction

NekoRay is a client designed for Windows (PC) and Linux users. It’s a cross-platform GUI proxy configuration manager based on Qt, utilizing v2ray and sing-box backends. This offers desktop users an easy-to-use and feature-rich network proxy solution. NekoRay also provides customizable outbound settings, configuration options, and core choices, allowing advanced users to tailor the software to their specific requirements. As an open-source, cross-platform application, NekoRay has received widespread support and positive feedback from the development community.

Download NekoRay

Official GitHub Link: Click to Visit

Official Discussion Forum: Click to Visit

Official Download Page: Click to Visit

Explore More Tool Options

  • For Android users focused on the V2Ray protocol, we highly recommend trying v2rayNG. As one of the most popular V2Ray applications on the Android platform, v2rayNG has won widespread praise among users for its stability and efficiency.
  • For iOS platform users, we suggest experiencing Sing-Box. Among many iOS applications, Sing-Box stands out with its free advantage and excellent performance among iPhone users.