NekoRay Official Website Download Introduction

NekoRay is a client for Windows (PC) and Linux users. It is a cross-platform GUI proxy configuration manager based on Qt, with the backend using v2ray and sing-box, providing desktop users with an easy-to-use and feature-rich network proxy solution. It also offers custom outbound settings, custom configurations, and custom core options, allowing advanced users to tailor the software according to their specific requirements. As a cross-platform open-source application, NekoRay has received widespread support and positive feedback from the development community.

Features of NekoRay

  • NekoRay supports a very wide range of protocols for bypassing censorship: Shadowsocks, VMess, VLESS, WireGuard, Trojan, Trojan-Go, NaïveProxy, Hysteria, and TUIC.
  • They also offer common subscription modes: Shadowsocks, V2RayN, Clash, Clash Meta.

Getting Started with NekoRay

  • Prepare your proxy node: If you don’t have a proxy node yet, you can choose one from our airport recommendations.
  • Download and install: Below are the download links for Windows and Linux. Unfortunately, the macOS version has been discontinued due to lack of maintenance, but unofficial packaged versions are available for trial.
  • Configure the proxy service: Please follow our simple tutorial to quickly set up the proxy service, and you can access the internet securely and smoothly.
  • FAQ: If you have any questions during use, feel free to check out our FAQ page or use the guide for help.

NekoRay Official Links

Direct Download

Exploring More Options

  • For Android users focused on the V2Ray protocol, we strongly recommend trying v2rayNG. As one of the most popular V2Ray applications on the Android platform, v2rayNG has won widespread praise among users for its stability and efficiency.
  • For iOS platform users, we suggest experiencing Sing-Box. Among many iOS applications, Sing-Box stands out among iPhone users for its free advantage and excellent performance.

How to Choose a Kernel in NekoRay?

NekoRay offers two kernels to choose from: Xray and Sing-Box. Xray is widely used by many airports, so its compatibility is very good. Sing-Box is an emerging kernel that supports more protocols for bypassing censorship, and sometimes performs better in terms of performance.

If you want to use a subscription link purchased from an proxy provider, Xray is recommended.

If you want to use the latest protocols and software, Sing-Box is recommended. However, most airports have not yet supported the Sing-Box subscription format, and an online subscription conversion tool is needed.